By: Pennick On: November 27, 2022 In: Music, Teaching Comments: 0

As a child, it is not surprising how much of the learning process focuses on a particular sense. My...

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By: Pennick On: November 17, 2022 In: Film, Music Comments: 0

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that’ the harp has always been associated, symbolically with angels and higher realms,...

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By: Pennick On: November 5, 2022 In: Brand, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

Traipsing in to the Trinity College practice rooms, in the beautiful and inspiring Naval College on the bank of...

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By: Pennick On: April 27, 2022 In: Concerts, Lucinder Pennick, Music, Venues Comments: 0

There is no doubt that when you are a harpist, you get to visit and play in some beautiful...

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By: Pennick On: April 18, 2022 In: Concerts, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

As the rain ‘pitter-pattered’ down, and the wind played with everybody’s hair and hats around me, I joined the...

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By: Pennick On: February 24, 2022 In: Compositions, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

When my two young daughter’s received a book as a gift from friends, I was delighted to be introduced...

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