By: Pennick On: April 27, 2022 In: Concerts, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

There is no doubt that when you are a harpist, you get to visit and play in some beautiful and, more often than not, historic  buildings and grounds. As I sat playing for a midweek wedding today at the intimate and somewhat secret venue, The Reading Rooms in Alby,...

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By: Pennick On: April 18, 2022 In: Concerts, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

As the rain ‘pitter-pattered’ down, and the wind played with everybody’s hair and hats around me, I joined the undeterred harpists of the World, as I wrestled my harp, (Arabella), out of the boot of my car, on to the trolley and wheeled it into the huge church of...

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By: Pennick On: February 24, 2022 In: Compositions, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

When my two young daughter’s received a book as a gift from friends, I was delighted to be introduced to Dan Brown’s musical talents. Wild Symphony was written by the author of The Da Vinci Code, and is quite frankly, beautiful and extremely different to his adult fiction! As...

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