By: Pennick On: November 5, 2022 In: Brand, Lucinder Pennick, Music Comments: 0

Traipsing in to the Trinity College practice rooms, in the beautiful and inspiring Naval College on the bank of the Thames, wearing my coolest pair of brown suede, platform boots, eyebrows were raised and I found myself consequently taking in a spare pair of heeled shoes for harp lessons. ” You can use the heels to pivot and press the pedals down easily”, was the advice of the tutors and professors. Being a very ‘girlie girl, my immediate thoughts were “perfect!” ; a great excuse¬† to head to the nearest Jimmy Choo or Dune shop; it is for my career after all.

To be honest, I used to partly wear the boots because they gave me confidence walking around London at all hours to and from concerts, college and my accommodation;  something about feeling taller as well as different, (since nobody else had boots like mine.) It must have worked since, unlike friends of mine, I never once was mugged orn approached with any hostility!

Since then I have met and come across so many harpists; some who prefer flat pumps, small heels, kitten heels and even bare feet. However, I did heed the advise of my teachers and nowadays, own various styles of heeled shoes for concerts and functions; wearing my lacey heels gives me an air of elegance, the red stain heels definitely cry out fun and daring, the navy jeweled heels, sophistication, and so on.

I conclude with a ‘foodies’ perception; ‘you are what you eat’ and also ‘you are what you wear’, ‘you are also the harpist of the shoes you adorn’.

P.S. Jimmy Choos please contact me for any sponsorship deals you would like to offer at any time!