By: Pennick On: January 21, 2022 In: Theatre Comments: 0

After such a break in performing, both up on stage and down in the orchestra pits, cast, crew and band have been thoroughly enjoying performing the epic favourite, ‘The Sound of Music’ at the Theatre Royal in Norwich this week. From a harpist’s point of view, it is great fun, since there are hardly any rests;  in the harp World this is rare, in typical arrangements most of our time is spent platting our hair just waiting for our part to finally arrive! ‘Climb Every Mountain’ has some particularly beautiful arpeggiated chords* to chime over the soaring high sopranos.

We like to spice it up down in the pits, and our esteemed clarinetist ‘Judith’, always has some jolly ideas; Fun Shoe Friday being one of them this time around! Therefore, tonight we are currently all adorning some fantastic shoes, (mine being red suede stilettos!) Judith herself, has some fancy leopard print suede heels on and even Dom, on the violin has shown major effort by gaffer taping Christmas lights with a battery pack to his black shoes; ingenious!

So, the normally ‘all black’ pits was alight with Do-Re-Me smiles and jolly feet!  We are ready to Climb any Mountain in these funky feet adornments!


*  A quick explanation of an arpeggiated chord for those not in the musical world 🙂 The word arpeggio comes from the Italian word arpeggiare, which means to play on a harp. Don’t let this curious Italian word fox you; whilst a chord is a group of notes that are played together at the same time – if arpeggiated it simply means you sound each note individually. Music lesson over.