By: Pennick On: April 17, 2020 In: Brand, Lucinder Pennick Comments: 0

With harp gigs, concerts and weddings cancelled during the lockdown to fight against COVID-19, you would be forgiven for thinking my life is a lot less busy. But, just because I can’t go out and play the harp, doesn’t mean I’m not finding plenty of ways to move my business forward.

Here are just a few things I’m working on:

Creating an online crash course for harp

Whilst this won’t be an online course for everyone, because of course you will need a harp – it will open up the opportunity for those who are willing to invest in a small harp to learn from the comfort of their own home. It will also provide a great refresher course for those who may have learnt the harp once upon a time, but are rusty.

A concert at home

You’ve no doubt seen many Musicians already offering online performances on platforms such as Zoom, Instagram live, Facebook live and YouTube live streaming. I am currently putting together a program for my virtual concert and a date and time. Details will be released across my social media in due course, but it will be live streamed for free to anyone who wants to listen to something a little different while in isolation.

The next album

With one album already available to buy ‘ An Enchanting Day’ it’s now time for round two. With my husband, who is handily a record producer with his own studio, what better way to pass the time and use our resources than create album number two! Watch this space.


As well as a harpist, I am also a keen composer and arranger – I am responsible for all the arrangements for Sugarbeats (the harp ensemble I run) and I have written music for various companies over the years. Whilst on lockdown, you’ll always find me jotting down melodies and my composition repertoire is set to double with all this spare time available.

Entertaining and looking after two little girls

Whilst the harp projects are keeping me busy, I also has 2  bundles of joy who require constant attention, engagement and supervision, so I really do have my hands full. However in a musical household it’s not surprising the eldest of the two (who is actually not yet even 2) already has her harp and is learning to play! Two birds, one stone I figure!

As you can see I am living by the campaign motto – ‘stay home, protect the NHS, save lives’ and play music – hope you are too!