By: Pennick On: April 1, 2020 In: Teaching Comments: 0
With the country in lockdown due to the Coronavirus Lucinder hasn’t let it prevent her pupils from progressing and has been running virtual lessons with students from her home.

It’s working like a charm! With harp students ensuring their cameras are on and showing their fingers whilst they play, Lucinder is guiding and teaching like any other day.

This new approach to harp lessons is actually proving to be popular and thankfully Cantley’s broadband seems reliable enough with no technological problems arising as yet!

The virtual approach is definitely solving the current problem and has some clear benefits. It is also opening up the possibility for Lucinder to teach far afield from the Norwich area. Time will tell whether this becomes a staple offering along with face to face or whether it’s a short term fix, but this is one activity COVID-19 cannot stop!

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.